Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

The answer to the question surfing fans around the globe have all been asking will be revealed this Sunday when Rip Curl officially announces the 16 surfers – eight of Indonesia’s best and eight of the world’s greatest barrel hunters – invited to compete in the 20th Anniversary of the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang presented by Samudera Indonesia.

The eight female surfers selected to compete in the first-ever Women’s Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang – split evenly between local and international athletes – will also be revealed.

The 24 total surfer invitations, as well as the men’s and women’s opening round heat draws, will be announced at the Rip Curl Cup Opening Ceremony on Sunday, 30th of July at Padang Padang. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend the traditional festivities to bless the event with good waves and pray for the safety of the competing athletes.

Due to a lack of contestable swell at Padang during the month of July, the Local Trials will not be held in 2023. Instead, contest directors will select the four remaining Indonesian surfers qualifying for the main event based on their results in last year’s Rip Curl Cup.

These four “Trials Qualifiers” will be re-seeded along with the top-four Indonesian surfers from last year’s Rip Curl Cup – Mega Semadhi (2nd place in 2022), Mega Artana (3rd place in 2022), Mustofa Jeksen (equal 7th place/Semi-Finalist in 2022), and Garut Widiarta (equal 7th place/Semi-Finalist in 2022) – to once again represent Indonesia and compete against the world’s best tube riders at Padang Padang on the heaviest and most dangerous day of waves between 1st-31st of August.

“Unfortunately, the swell never reached the highest standard we need to run the Trials at Padang during the month of July,” said Contest Director James Hendy. “Therefore, we will resort to the cleanest, fairest Plan B option – we will take the back seeds from last year’s Rip Curl Cup Main Event. In other words, the eight local surfers from last year’s main event will be re-seeded into this year’s Rip Curl Cup based upon last year’s results.”

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t get to run the Trials and showcase the talent of all our amazing local surfers at Padang Padang, particularly the younger generation,” added Hendy. “But hopefully the slow July is a sign that we will see high swell activity during the month of August and a very special Padang swell for the 20-Year Anniversary of the Rip Curl Cup.”

The Opening Ceremony marks the start of the one-month Rip Curl Cup holding period, which runs for the full month of August. The Opening Ceremony celebration will begin promptly this Sunday at 3 PM on the sacred sands of Padang Padang Beach, followed by a meet and greet with the surfers and contest organizers. The day will conclude with the traditional Balinese Kecak Dance performance at sunset.

The 2023 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang will be webcast LIVE to the world at and at Fans can also visit the Rip Curl website to check the official event swell forecast, real-time contest status, and video updates from Bali.


Main Event Holding Period
August 1st – 31st

Opening Ceremony

Sunday, July 30th at 3 PM, Padang Padang Beach, Bali
1.    Media Gathering at 1 PM @ Grün Resort Uluwatu
2.    Meet the invited athletes
3.    Press conference
4.    Traditional Balinese Kecak Dance performance

Official Rip Curl Cup Party
Friday, August 25th 5PM – Midnight.
Live performance by special guest at Ulu Cliff House

JOB Perfection In Paradise

JOB Perfection In Paradise

It’s sometimes easy to forget the remarkable skills that JOB has honed over the years in the surf. Not only one of the most skilled surfers in the world, he’s take the vlog to a whole new level, check out his latest edit, and witness the sickness. We salute you JOB.

Kelly Slater Wave Co & Surf Abu Dhabi

Kelly Slater Wave Co & Surf Abu Dhabi

It’s official as you can see from the press release below, the world’s largest wave pool to open in Abu Dhabi this year with the help of the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

• Kelly Slater Wave Company Licenses tech to Surf Abu Dhabi
• KSWC’s Innovative Wave Basin Technology Will Reach New Geographies and Communities

Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC), an innovative wave technology and surf experience company, is licensing its world-class technology to Surf Abu Dhabi, a one-of-a-kind wave facility in Abu Dhabi owned and operated by Modon Properties, Abu Dhabi. In the midst of a rising passion for water sports around the world, KSWC aims to bring the stoke of surfing to a new frontier.

Located in Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi, an international city with a vibrant and diverse community, Surf Abu Dhabi will serve as the world’s premier surfing destination and experience for everyone – from beginners to enthusiasts. Utilizing KSWC’s proprietary technology, the wave facility will deliver the perfect, barreling wave every time.

“When we opened the first wave, the mystery it created and excitement that ensued was something I’m not sure many have experienced,” said Kelly Slater, 11-time World Surf League Champion and founder of KSWC. “Surfing reaches people in all corners of the globe and I’m always surprised with who gravitates towards this world. Having a KSWC wave in Abu Dhabi is something I’ve never dreamt would happen but here it is. Unbelievable. While not many would have predicted the location for the project there are great synergies with Abu Dhabi and like KSWC they are always innovating and ahead of the curve. This is gonna be a lot of fun for so many people.”

Jeff Fleeher, President of Kelly Slater Wave Company, said, “As a global hub for tourism, sport, and business, with diverse peoples and cultures, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for us to showcase KSWC’s unmatched wave technology and surf experience. We’re fortunate to work with Modon and join Hudayriyat Island’s incredible ecosystem of sport and recreation to foster new participation and enthusiasm for surfing in the Middle East.”

Bill O’Regan, CEO of Modon, said: “At Modon, our role is to support the growth of Abu Dhabi’s ambitions and sports asset development strategy which is contributing towards a legacy of sporting excellence.

“As the world’s premier man-made surf experience, Surf Abu Dhabi is specified to host major international surf competitions. It is a high-performance destination that will offer world-class surfers the perfect conditions to train or compete, while also growing the region’s surfing community, and inspiring wider society to embrace a healthy new activity.”

Construction of Surf Abu Dhabi is expected to be completed by December 2023.

Rastovich X Frankenfish

Rastovich X Frankenfish

Slide and glide with iconic freesurfer, and friend of the planet Dave Rastovich. To be fair Rasta could probably groove it out on an ironing board, hit play for a style masterclass by one of the finest.

Filmed by Nathan Oldfield

Madrid Pool Party

Madrid Pool Party

Madrid set to have the largest urban beach in Europe – a surfer’s paradise with waves generated by Wavegarden’s revolutionary technology.

Promoted by Atlético de Madrid, Stoneweg and Teras Capital, this innovative facility will open its doors in the first quarter of 2025. The project will revolutionize the leisure landscape in Madrid, transforming four hectares of land into the next Sports City with an expansive artificial beach. MADRID/SAN SEBASTIAN, June 14, 2023 – The Spanish capital has always been known for its vibrant culture, imposing architecture, and passionate love for sports. Madrid is preparing to add a new jewel to its crown – Europe’s most significant surf park. Thanks to the collaboration between Atlético de Madrid, Stoneweg, and Teras Capital, the city will soon become a world-class surf destination equipped with an artificial beach and world class surfing waves.

Josema Odriozola, CEO and founder of Wavegarden, stated, “This project represents a significant milestone for Wavegarden as it further solidifies our vision of bringing surfing and its lifestyle to landlocked areas. In collaboration with the Terras Capital team, we have dedicated several years to finding the ideal location in Madrid, and we could not be more satisfied than to be part of this exciting Ciudad del Deporte (Sports City) project being developed by Atlético de Madrid.” Incorporating Wavegarden’s technology in this ambitious project is a key highlight. Wavegarden, a Spanish company leading the creation of surfing lagoons, is recognized for its revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology that has brought urban surfing to cities worldwide and expanded the sport to places where there is no ocean. Their installations across the globe, like Melbourne, Australia, for instance, have transformed how the citizens of the city can experience surfing, making the location as cherished as the best surf spots in the country.

Since surfing became an Olympic sport, its popularity and exponential growth is an undeniable reality in Spain and worldwide. The challenge has been that places to practice the sport are often far from cities, and the availability of ideal conditions is seasonal. The creation of this surf park opens up the possibility of surfing all year round, while enriching the leisure and service offerings and providing a training facility for national and European teams. The waves produced by the Wavegarden Cove technology are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts. Wavegarden’s Wave Menu has more than 20 different types of waves ranging in size and power from 0.5m to 2m.

This new surf park in Madrid, which is part of the development of the new Sports City promoted by Atlético de Madrid on the land surrounding the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium for the enjoyment of all Madrid residents, has a sustainable and ecological design and will create a unique surfing destination that brings the beach lifestyle and the sport of surfing to everyone.

Wavegarden’s wave generation system stands out as the most efficient in the market, with a maximum consumption of 1 kWh per wave (0,10€/wave). It is designed to minimize energy losses, maximize machinery performance, and recover and reuse part of the energy generated in each wave. Wavegarden’s lagoons are specifically designed to provide the highest quality, quantity, and variety of waves with the lowest energy and water consumption. Moreover, the sustainable approach includes the reduction of water waste, as water is lost solely through evaporation. For this project, in fact, the possibility of recycling water from the sports city is being considered.

The vision of this project goes beyond creating a simple tourist attraction. It is about significantly impacting the local community by providing a space for sports, leisure and fun, while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, the facility will be equipped with a surf school, a surf shop, a skatepark, beach bars, amenities for young children as well as other beach sports activities – making the place a complete leisure destination for everyone.

Stoneweg, Teras Capital, and Atlético de Madrid are committed to making this project a milestone in Madrid’s history. With significant investment, a commitment to sustainability, and collaboration with Wavegarden, this wave park is a testament to its vision and ambition. This alliance will not only transform Madrid’s landscape but also elevate the city’s profile as a leading destination in the world of surfing and leisure. Joaquín Castellví, founding partner of Stoneweg and head of European acquisitions, expressed: “We are thrilled with this project. It represents a great opportunity for Stoneweg to meet new emerging demands. Through this collaboration with Atlético de Madrid, we will create an impressive surf park in Madrid, a symbol of sustainability and advanced technology, offering a unique experience for surf lovers and lifestyle enthusiasts globally.” Miguel de Lucas, the founding partner of Teras Capital, added: “After more than six years of hard work, we have finally found the perfect partners to make this dream a reality. We are excited to offer Madrid residents and visitors a beach experience without leaving the city. We thank Atlético de Madrid for their trust and Wavegarden for their exceptional work that has led us to this point.”