stan backhand takeoff

Back at the start of the summer Stanley Norman took a trip to the Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden facility with his coach Joel Gray and the rest of the Surf Solutions Grom Squad. It was a chance to work on some key technique movements, learn some new skills and have some fun in this new technology.

“It was so good once I worked out where the good end section was to do air reverses. The wave is so good, each one just exactly the same and so it’s easy to learn things. You can do carves, snaps and airs and the water was warm too” Stan Norman

“This is a great facility to train. As a coach you crave the opportunity to work in an environment that eliminates all the variables present in the ocean. We were able to get really specific from the get-go with goals and biomechanic themes. Stan and all the other groms really did improve in the short time we had there.” Joel Gray, Surf Solutions

All photo’s credit @surf_solutions

stan bottom turn stan bh air stan fin throw stan fh snap