My obsession with Tahiti started one decade ago, during a week-long visit for a lifestyle shoot at the age of twenty. The mountains, sea, dense jungle and perfect waves made their case in a matter of seconds, and I was hooked, paving the way for me to return at every opportunity possible. Over the years of visiting what I’d reckon to be the most beautiful place in the world, I’ve also met some outstanding characters, forged by the power of their connection with the land and sea. Recently, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know the Fierro family. Loving parents Andrew and Hina have raised three young women who are pushing women’s surfing while gracefully sharing their Tahitian lifestyle with the world.

Vahine, Heimiti, and Kohai exude the vibrancy of life, and do it together. Their bond is nothing short of magic; these young women are woven into each other’s growth and success. Watching them knock on the door of Teahupo’o one-by-one, Vahine leading the way into some of the heaviest waves I’ve ever seen women surf, is enthralling. And so, to visit them at their home, to spend time with the family, to explore nature and the sea with them, all the while chasing swells and watching these women charge bigger and bigger surf, has been utterly moving. I am such a huge fan of these sisters, and the opportunity to point my lens at them as they live and grow was the thrill of a lifetime.

Vitamin Sea Collective Launches

Vitamin Sea Collective Launches

Launching October 14th 2020, Vitamin Sea Collective is a global community for the surfing sisterhood and ocean lovers. From the all-female power team that brought you SurfGirl Magazine,  the biggest female surf media in the world, this new members only global platform focuses on the positive benefits of the sea. Providing surfing, health and fitness content under one roof, it’s an empowering space for all women, whatever age or ability, to come together to expand their knowledge, improve self confidence and do something for themselves. 

With Vitamin Sea Collective, members will be able to learn from real professionals, interact with instructors and have access to engaging live classes, workshops, tutorials and materials. Covering nutrition, health, wellbeing, mental health, surf, yoga, swimming, travel and more, it’s a one stop shop to becoming a better surfer and a stronger person. All content is categorised into a comprehensive catalogue making the platform easily accessible to match difficulty levels, preferred activities and mood. Membership benefits include full access to all content, videos, workshops and newsletters. 

Sharing their knowledge and passion for all things saltwater, the team behind Vitamin Sea Collective reached out to women whose aim is to encourage positivity in mind and body. From professional surfer Mahina Maeda, fitness instructor Tehillah McGuiness and surf coaches Andrea “Mona” Picasso and Maya Degabrielle, to yoga instructors Nancy Goodfellow and Natalie Fox, the SurfGirl editorial team, dietician Alyce Tancredi, therapist Dr. Julia Colangelo, movement specialist Lauren Ferioli, it’s an impressive collective of empowering women from around the globe.

Sign up today, feel fitter, stronger, surf better and get a good dose of vitamin sea with the Vitamin Sea Collective. These are the main features on the platform;

Surfing isn’t easy to learn so we are here to help you to improve. With all our surf coaching tips in one place for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers it’s like having your own personal surf coach. We break down keep manoeuvres into easy to understand sections with tips on surf etiquette, motivation, technique, equipment and wave selection.

The best way to increase your performance in any sport but especially surfing is to be fit. Fitness will help improve your surfing, making you toned, fit and strong to take on the challenges of surfing. We bring together fitness experts to offer a training regime from beginners to pros covering everything from workouts to flexibility.

We spend a lot of time by the ocean and we’re aware of the stoke that brings and how relaxed it makes us feel. With this in mind we look at ways to restore and revitalise whether you live by the sea or far away. From guided meditation, breathing exercises to the benefits of coldwater swims.

A balanced diet is one of the key factors in improving your performance. If you’re serious about getting healthy then upgrade your nutritional input with an organised approach and discover our wholesome recipes and tips.

Heading up the team, Vitamin Sea Collective and SurfGirl Assistant Editor Corinne Evans said: “Saltwater is in our DNA. As surfers the ocean is our passion, our playground and when we’re facing our own stormy seas, our salvation. Living by the ocean we are mindful of the positive benefits that being by the sea brings so this October we’re excited to share our vibe and knowledge with salty souls around the world.”

We are proud to be at the forefront of promoting women’s empowerment and a positive outdoors lifestyle, so please join us and sign up to your 7 day free trial.