Nordic Rippers

Nordic Rippers

This film features the best surfers and spots in Scandinavia and captures the stoke that occurs. This project was made by @felix.golden, filmed during 2020.

Main Surfers
-Shannon Ainslie
-Jeff Roussel/Beachday
-Luca Guichard
-Mikael Brodschöll
-Felix Golden

Explore Norway with KLM

KLM are now taking surfboards on board free of charge on international flights. A boardbag can now be taken on board instead of a bag. If you are flying internationally that means no extra fee is charged;!/surfgearonboard”

With fjords, mountains, amazing surf and snow spots and chance of seeing the northern lights Norway is one of the magical places on earth to take a surf trip.


Everyone always seems to venture south, in search for warmer temperatures. Yet Norway is one of the most beautiful travel experiences I have ever had. In Norway that feeling of being connected and at the same time humbled by the surroundings is so intense. Surfing here just strengthens that feeling. It clarifies the mind.
I feel this place carries a magic and greatness that you can feel in your bones. On top of that there are no crowds and the waves can be amazing.

Mads Johnson:

Travelling in Norway is unique. The coastline we have here is as long as the westcoast of the US and there is so many in’s and out’s, so many fjords. There is unlimited potential for surf exploration here, I think you could spend a lifetime exploring here and never run out of new places to find.

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