Conor Maguire & Monster Mullaghmore

Conor Maguire & Monster Mullaghmore

David and Goliath, pah, I think Conor Maguire and Mullaghmore just knocked that one straight out of the park in Ireland. Almost breaking the interent in doing so, helluvah big. We salute you Conor and your support team and crew, well done all, and we’ve not even started on Cottys epic feat at Nazaré.

In his own words Conor said.

Yesterday morning was wild. I saw our little magic bay do some mesmerising shit that I never thought imaginable. Chaos met beauty in an unimaginable way.

I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to all of you guys for the positive response and support, including the hundreds of lovely messages. It’s been overwhelming.

Saying thank you to everyone involved in yesterday’s antics seems like an underrated response to their efforts. The organisation and safety put in place for the biggest swell to hit Ireland (reading 29 meters on the m6 buoy off Ireland) was impeccable. 

@finn_mullen, you’re my guardian angle. He was the safety coordinator for the swell and I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate guy for the job. With some crazy experience behind him, including a few ground-breaking windsurfing waves at Mullaghmore, it seemed appropriate.

From informing the coastguard of our plans, organising a paramedic and ambulance to 4 four rescue skis driven by my closest friends to spotters on the cliff who were lifelong friends to thorough safety briefings the night before and the day of (including adherence to Covid-19 regs), it couldn’t have been a safer and better reason to push myself at a wave I’ve grown obsessed with over the years. I honestly can’t put into words how thankful I am. I owe everyone a few stout when the pubs reopen.

Photos: Conor Flanagan / Red Bull Content Pool

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Mully Madness

Mully Madness

It’s not often that Ireland’ best big wave, Mullaghmore, plays host to huge swell and perfect weather conditions. But when it did this winter, filmer Alex Laurel was there to capture Ireland’s best big wave surfers enjoy the day of the winter. Local stand-out surfers, like Conor Maguire, Barry Mottershead, Enda Curran, and Peter Conroy ruled the day, pulling into big barrels and taking heavy wipeouts.

Win a surf camp and a trip to Nazare or Mullaghmore on an XXL swell with Cotty!

Sharp’s Brewery, makers of the UK’s number one cask beer Doom Bar, has launched a national campaign with world renowned British big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton. People across the country have the chance to win a trip to Mullaghmore, Ireland or Nazare, Portugal to watch an XXL session with Cotty surfing the world’s biggest waves, as well as attend a surf training camp at his home in North Devon.

Surfers will get the chance to join Andrew on a two-day surf camp at his home in Croyde, Devon. Then, Cotty will select a companion to accompany him on an all-expenses paid trip to either Mullaghmore Head, Ireland or Nazare, Portugal, where they could witness him taking on some of the biggest waves on earth. The competition is open to anyone who is passionate about surfing regardless of ability.

“Surfing, and especially Big Wave surfing, is close to my heart, and I’m excited to be sharing this adventure,” said Cotty.

To enter the competition, simply visit, and upload a captioned photo of you experiencing your biggest adventure.