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If Europe had its own Pipeline, this would be the place. One of the best surfing spots in the world, is on the northwest coast of this European island. Insanely powerful waves and perfect barrels break on a regular basis when a solid groundswell hits. Click into the pits above with William Aliotti.

Confirmed event dates QUEMAO CLASS 2017

The Quemao Class now has a much awaited date for its 2017 edition, it will be held on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of March, we are expecting suitable conditions at el Quemao´s famous wave in Lanzarote.

It is a special and different event with the most extreme conditions, in which the riders that participate are divided into two categories: Surf and Bodyboard.

Some of the best surfers in the world will gather in the small fishing village of La Santa, to attend this incredible event. After the success of the 2016 edition, both famous and local riders will be participating, naming a few: Aritz Aranburu, Tiago Pires, Balaram Stack, Eric Rebiere, Ben Sanchis, Nic Von Rupp, William Aliotti, Luis Diaz, Miky Picon and locals including Manuel Lezcano, Jose Maria Cabrera, Franito Saenz, Marco Imbernon, among others.

The bodyboard section also includes a high level with TOPS such as Diego Cabrera, Antonio Cardoso, Yeray Martinez and locals including David Rodriguez, Óliver Arbelo, Hector Rodriguez, Patrick Ryan and many others.

Surfers invited to Quemao Class 2017 – Surfing

Alain Riou, Balaram Stack, Benjamin Sanchis, Charly Martin, Dimitri Ouvre, Eric Rebiere, Joshua Braddock, Kevin Bourez, Ian Cosenza, Miky Picon, Nic Von Rupp, Ramzi Boukhiam, Ramon Navarro, Roberto D´amico, Tiago Pires, Tom Lowe, William Aliotti, Alex Zirque, Antonio Marqués, Franito Sáenz, Joao de Macedo, Jose María Cabrera, Luis Díaz, Manuel Lezcano, Marco Imbernón, Yael Peña, Yeray García, Eric de Souza, Aritz Aranburu, Eukeni Masa, Gony Zubizarreta, Hodei Collazo, Indar Unanue, Natxo González.

Surfers invited to Quemao Class 2017 – Bodyboard

Alex Uranga, Amaury Lavernhe, Antonio Cardoso, Max Castillo, Pierre Louis Costes, Tahurai Henry, Aitor Martín, Aitor Ojeda, Ale Barbosa, Alvaro Padrón, Dailos Rodríguez, Diego Cabrera, Edey Martín, Fabian Rodríguez, Kevin Orihuela, Moisés Dorta, Octavio González, Pablo Claveras, Pedro Santiago, Ruyman Rey, Salomon Moore, Santiago Cruz, William Lujan, Yeray Martínez, David Rodríguez, Germán Abreu, Hector Rodríguez, Lucas Herrero, Óliver Arbelo, Pablo Gustems, Pablo Lecouey, Patrick Ryan

We emphasise that the Quemao Class is an event sponsored by La Bohemia Lanzarote Restaurant and is carried out thanks to the institutional support of the Canary Islands Government, Cabildo de Lanzarote, Turismo Lanzarote, Lanzarote European Destination and Tinajo Town Council.