Behind the scenes of the Jagermeister 'Journey to Surf' ad

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Pics by Richie Fitzgerald and a couple from Jager, do not steal them without permission.

It’s the trip you would have loved to be on … never mind get paid to go on: exploring Iceland with your mates. Come with us as we go behind the scenes of the Jager ad shoot with one of the stars Richie Fitz’.

“The whole Jagermeister ad came to me through my good mate Gabe Davies and his production company during late summer last year. After 14 months of scouting different countries the ad company decided that British and Irish surfers were what they needed . So after an initial casting Dave Blount and myself  from Ireland were chosen along with Oli Adams, Ben Skinner and Owain Davies from the UK to make up the cast. All solid surfers and good blokes. I knew the trip would be a blast with this group of shams!

“We spent 12 days in Iceland in November 2013 shooting the ad. Pegasus Productions scouted the most amazing and breathtaking locations you can imagine taking in pretty much the whole country in our 12 day stint. Huge drives and radical weather was the theme most days. Ingo from Arctic Surfers, our surf guide, took us to some of the best surf coast I’ve ever seen, with world class slabs, points, reefs and outer reefs everywhere. That’s really saying something considering I live in Bundoran and have phenomenal waves on my doorstep.

“Many of the waves we surfed were inside the Arctic Circle, cold, heavy, hollow point breaks where the outside air temp was -15C and sea temp was just above freezing. It was a hardcore environment, in and out of the water, with blizzards and gales popping up with ferocious regularity. It made the west of Ireland feel like the Med’.

“I reckon we travelled a couple of thousand miles and did at least six to ten hours a day driving. We literally drove the whole way round the island really and we touched the barren interior too, with all the sulphur from the geysers and volcanic activity there is a strong smell of rotten egg fart everywhere.

“The best surf was way up north in the seldom visited north western fjords. They are really inaccessible and also around Olafsfjorour we scored a brilliant point break at eight foot with the outer points double that … but we just surfed the inside point.

“Being with the boys for 12 days in a van searching for waves in Iceland was the best and funniest trip of my life, the fact that we shot a TV ad, shot a lot of Jagers and got paid for it … it was a dream trip!

Watch the ad here: