Jayce Robinson signs with C-Skins!

Jayce Robinson signs with C-Skins!

Photo: @minigray

Jayce is a regular on the British surf scene and has over a decade’s worth of experience in competition and exploring all over the world in search of waves, winning multiple titles and scoring some of the best breaks this world has to offer.

Jayce couldn’t be happier about joining the C-Skins Slaves team. “I really am over the moon to join such a solid British brand who produce in my mind wetsuits and other core and essential gear that feel right at the top of their game. The crew at C-Skins are super friendly, and we seem to be on the same page. I’m looking forward to seeing where our collaboration takes us going forward.”

When he isn’t growing organic veg, creating his smallholding with partner Hannah, he is found in the water so demands a lot from his suits, “I surf pretty much every day and have experienced – in my 22years of water time – the good, the bad and the ugly! Comfortable, long-lasting suits are vital to me for the enjoyment, ease, and general feel in the water, from surfing, training to spearfishing.” the Cornish charger said. “I have been using a 5/4mm hooded steamer for the last six months, and not one leak has evolved in the time! The comfort is next level, and I really feel that I can surf to the best of my ability through the winter months.”


“We’re stoked for our new partnership with Jayce”, explains Martyn Kirby, Marketing Executive at C-Skins “He is a great fit for our team, talented, enthusiastic and capable of providing valuable insights that we can feed into our design process, to continually improve our wetsuits.”

Both Jayce and C-Skins are looking forward to the accomplished shortboarder putting the hardware through their paces.


Jayce Robinson getting a tasty barrel somewhere down the newly recognised independent land of Cornwall

Sequence: Roger Sharp

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