Rip Curl Hell Team Reunited Online

Rip Curl Hell Team Reunited Online

Team Rip Curl’s young athletes haven’t been able to meet all together since summer 2020, or even to travel since their last trip to Bells Beach in Australia in April 2019. But there is no way they are going to miss out on the fine conditions in their home spot! For Team Rip Curl’s young surfers, surf’s up, no matter what!

Watch this little video and see the action for yourself. We’re still full of motivation and our spirits are high. It’s all about getting a blast of fresh air, rollers and good turnes to pass the time while these Groms eagerly wait to be able to meet without restrictions, travel and to surf. Welcome to the world of young talent at Rip Curl, from Portugal to England, Spain and Guadeloupe!

Meet the team:
-Kai Odriozola, 15 YO from San Sebastian, Spain
-Hans Odriozola 13 YO from San Sebastian, Spain
-Matias Canhoto 13 YO from Peniche, Portugal
-Lukas Skinner 13 YO from Perranporth, Cornwall, UK
-Enoha Le Pieres 13 YO from Guadeloupe, France
-Tya Zebrowski 10 YO from Hossegor and Tahiti, France

Whipper Snappers 3

UK grom series looking to showcase the young talent coming from our shores. This was the first Oli/Carve grom weekend where the grubs got coaching from Oli’s crew and shot by a Carve photographer for the latest magazine… here’s some of the action. Starring: Liam Murray Strout, Stanley Norman, Aiden Hopkins, Seth Morris, Jordan Zervas, Noah Capps, Jo Morris, Luca Carlisle.

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