NORTHCORE launches grass changing mat.


The Northcore’s latest product launch adds a little fun into a functional mix, it’s called the Grass Changing Mat.

This heavy duty water resistant polyester changing mat has been lined with 6mm of artificial grass which acts as a barrier to cold or hard ground when getting changed outdoors. The bag folds out into a flat 1m diameter changing mat for standing on while changing, with pull up drawstrings to cinch the mat together to create a bag with handles for storing and carrying your wet kit and neatly packing it away. The artificial grass can be kept clean of sand etc with a simple brush down after use and the whole changing mat can hand washed with wetsuit shampoo and hung out to dry.

Northcore founder said of the new grass mat “The time of year we get the most swell on the North Sea is also the time when the beach and car parks tend to freeze up so a little extra protection beneath the feet when getting changed seemed like a good idea! The grass mat is a fun product but there are very practical reasons for adding the artificial grass layer. The thickness of the grass mat means that your feet don’t chill when standing on it plus its a substantial barrier against sharp stones and cold ground when changing. It’s also a year round product as the artificial grass layer is perfect for wiping feet clean of sand, so less sand in shoes and in the car!” 

Shop for the mat at the Carve Shop.