Bombs Away

You may think surfing in the UK gets a tad frigid. Well homes we ain’t got nothing on the other side of the pond. The US east coast is getting the cold shoulder right now from some rad ‘bombogenesis’. Yes. You read that right.
It’s a more media scary term for ‘explosive cyclogenesis’, you know, the ‘Perfect Storm’ thing where a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly intensifies with a steep drop in atmospheric pressure of at least 24 millibars over 24 hours.
It ain’t pretty if you’re at sea on a fishing boat with George Clooney and it’s no fun if you have any business being outside on the east side this week. This weekend in New York for example you’re looking at day time highs of -10C and night time lows of -19C. Which is a tad fresh.
It’s so cold that even the brine is freezing up, bringing us another episode of ‘slurpee waves’. You may remember a few years ago photographer Jonathon Nimerfroh brought the weird phenomenon to the world’s attention. Well he’s scored the elusive again … check it out.

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