France, Hossegor is undoubtedly one of the best places in Europe for a professional surfer. After a fun summer with small air waves, the big swells arrived.
Pull in and punt with Charly Quivront, Jeremy Flores, Maxime Huscenot, Marc Lacomare, Leo Fioravanti.

Douce France / Tristan Guilbaud

France is home of some of the best beach breaks in the world, but it’s also one of most unpredictable. Changing tides & moving sandbanks makes it extremely fickle and multiple surf checks are a daily routine. So, when you are lucky enough to be home when all the conditions are gathered, it just feels like pure perfection, there’s just nothing sweeter than home at her best !! – Tristan Guilbaud

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VanTripper have been renting camper vans to surfers for over 7 years. Based just north Hossegor, in the quiet pine forests of Les Landes, we have a new fleet of VW vans. We enjoy keeping life simple; low prices with no hidden costs and easy online booking.
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Progress Surfcamps

Our lovely campsite on the Atlantic Coast of France is the perfect getaway. This little paradise, Progress surf camp Moliets, is within walking distance of town and the beach and is the ideal surf destination for every surfer. Let the waves take you on a journey to the Progress surf camp in Moliets Plage, France
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Kanaloa Beach House & Surf Lodge

Situated on the South Western Atlantic Coast, Kanaloa Beach House & Surf Lodge offers self-catered apartments or a B&B formula.  Equipment hire and surf, skate and yoga courses are available for all levels.  Just relax at the Kanaloa pool or enjoy a game of pétanque or table tennis.
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Radical Times in France

Even just reading the word evokes a waterfall of thought. Wine. Cheese. Casual nudity. Croissants. Edible snails. More wine. Etc. Some of it’s cliché. Some of it’s correct. But all of it weaves together to create a mystique like nowhere else on earth.

We’re bringing the whole crew together to experience it all. Surfers, skaters, snowboarders, musicians and more. From Mike D of the Beastie Boys to Mike Feb of South Africa, we’re setting out to enjoy true France. We’re using ideas as our maps, inspiration as our atlas, and legends like Jeremy Flores as our eyes and ears. We’re doing it right. And you’re coming with us.

Starring Surfers:
Jeremy Flores – @floresjeremy
Kanoa Igarashi – @kanoaigarashi
Leo Fioravanti – @lfioravanti
Wiggolly Dantas – @wiggolly
Matt Banting – @mattbanting
Zeke Lau – @haynsupahman
Jesse Mendes – @jesse_mendes
Ramzi Boukhiam – @ramziboukhiam
Marc Lacomare – @marclacomare
Connor O’Leary – @connoroleary
Aritz Aranburu – @aritz_aranburu
Mikey February – @thevibesaregood
Kael Walsh – @kaelwalsh
Kehu Butler – @kehu_b