Bure 13 … The Cloudbreak Sessions

Cloudbreak, Fiji, Monday the May 23. A large purple blob popped up and the swell made its way to the South Pacific to be greeted by a crew of the world’s leading chargers.

Damien Hobgood, Landon Mcnamara, Luke Shephardson, Koa Rothman, Nathan Florence, Eli Olson, Sean Lopez, Coconut Willie, Francisco Porcella, Sai Smilley, Mike Pietsch, Aaron Gold, Benji Brand, Billy Kemper, Greg Long, Mark Healey and the rest of the crew.

Thanks to Uri Kurop for putting your life on the line and putting others before yourself and also thank you to the water patrol for keeping everyone safe.

Filmed by Guy Mac…


Kelly's Heli Tour…


Fancy a guided tour of Cloudbreak and Restaurants from none other than Kelly Slater? Well pard we can help. Jump on in the chopper and get some Fijian insight from the Jedi.