Here For The Moment // Brent Bielmann

A relationship defined between shutter speed and aperture. A trade of light and duration is made to create exposure and an image is captured in time. The laws of reciprocity, diffraction limit and aliasing may unwillingly take ones mind back to napping in 1st period science class, but these are the laws that Brent Bielmann lives by. The science and art of photography is a part of Brent’s DNA and have sculpted his life, relationships and where he probably is right now in the world…Wherever that may be. Brent Bielmann captures moments, he freezes them in time for our enjoyment, for his own and sometimes for a paycheck. In between the seconds of pressing his pointer finger to his shutter button is a lot of beauty… We hope to share a sample of it. We present to you Brent Bielmann in Here for the Moment.

Edited by – Etienne Aurelius
Cracking choice of music to,  Hans Zimmer “Cornfield Chase” from Interstellar…