Backdoor Shootout Winners Reel

Backdoor Shootout Winners Reel

The Backdoor Shootout is a Pipeline specialty event with a goal to have a surf contest in the best waves and conditions possible. The format lets everybody surf the same amount of time. Waves are scored on a 12 point scale and the aim is to get the highest 3 wave total. This year was awesome becuase they let WSL athletes compete in it (usually not allowed) so the field was more stacked then ever!

Most surf contests only focus on individuals but this event they also score your TEAM. Logan “Chucky” Dulien threw together TEAM SNAPT4 this year which included event winner Mason Ho, Snapt4 hero Barron Mamiya, Snapt4 heaviest pipe waves riden Benji Brand and easily the best human on earth Parker Coffin. The boys did damage together, worked as a team and took home the Gold!

1st Team Snapt4
2nd Team Volcom
3rd Team Florence

Filming: Rory Pringle, Mason Ho, Slow Motion Water Cinematography Erik Ippel / Ippel films. Also from the ski Larry Haynes.

Team Snapt4: Mason Ho, Barron Mamiya, Benji Brand & Parker Coffin.

Location: Pipeline & Backdoor. North Shore, Oahu. Hawaii.

Jams: Mom Collection.

All surfboard info in end credit roll plus ding report.