A film starring Vincent Duvignac, produced by Rip Curl and directed by Mosy Production.  

A documentary that gives goosebumps, respect and smiles … “A LA RAME” is a 10-minute breath of fresh air shot 24 hours before the second lockdown.

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, a massive swell generated by Hurricane Epsilon is expected on the Atlantic coast. The depression located in the ocean, digs at 945 Hectopascal and promises to be gigantic, worthy of a midwinter swell.

The news is spreading quickly through the closed circle of “big surfers” of the southwest: Belharra, the giant wave that breaks only very occasionally off the coast of Urrugne (64), is about to wake up . The rumour is verified and everyone is on the war footing.

Some are preparing to face this saltwater mountain towed by a jet ski, others, more experienced or more daring, want to try to take this gigantic wave by rowing …