Surftech Longboards 2015


Robert August “What I ride” TPLC

Specifications: 9′ x 20″ x 3″

It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. The “What I Ride” utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the 18″ wide nose, greatly enhances your style of nose riding.

Mctavish Fireball Evo 11

Specifications: 9’1″ x 22.8″ x 2.9″

The ultimate “go-to” longboard in the McTavish lineup. It’s more slanted towards performance surfing with a leaner nose, Three stage rocker profile, a narrower rounded pin tail, and 60/40 rails. WIth a double-concave tail, a single-concave nose, and slight bevelling the Fireball stays loose in the pocket and is ultra stable for nose riding.

Mickey Munoz Ultra Glide

Specifications: 11′ x 25″ x 3.6″

The Super Glide longboard is designed to be stable, fast, and manoeuvrable. Foiled rails give the feel of a thinner board, the subtle concave nose helps accomplish smoother nose rides, and an advanced forward vee makes it easier to turn. It performs great in a wide variety of conditions and can accommodate any level rider. 2+1 Futures set up.