Surfatoll, Maldives

Surfatoll Maldives
Location: Central and Southern Atolls

If you’re eager to find the best waves, then a Maldives surf trip on a boat is the best choice!
We have been operating boat trips for over a decade in the beautiful Maldives islands and brought back plenty of very happy customers! Our surf charters go off the beaten track to the most remote places in the Maldives (Central Atolls & Southern Atolls), offering you uncrowded waves and clear, turquoise water.
If you are alone, you can join an existing charter with fixed dates (shared charter) or if you are a group (min 6 people) then you can book a boat exclusively for yourselves (private charter). Guided by an expert surf guide, all you need to do is to wake up every day on a different break and surf as much as you can. Perfect waves combined with sunny weather, friendly staff and delicious food will insure you unforgettable memories!
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