Energy Bars – Surf Longer

With names like ‘Go’, ‘Torque’ and ‘Viper’, energy bars promise the world in terms of performance, but how do they really stack up when fed to hungry surfers? Is a few oats and a whack of caffeine going to do much when you’re heading out to surf for three hours, or are you better inhaling a pasty and and getting on with it? The boys in the office and the staff at the Windswept on South Fistral munched their way through this lot then headed out to tussle with some early autumn waves.

energy bars

1. boots energise

A basic but tasty cereal energy bar that provides 24g of simple carbohydrates for rapid energy release and 24g complex carbohydrates for sustained energy release.
• £1.05 per bar

2. powerbar

Powerbars have a special carbohydrate mix for long lasting energy release and a protein mix for muscles. With 892 calories and 22.5g of protein a bar, these mean business.
• £1.24 per bar

3. MyBar® Protein Bars

The MyBar® range is ideal for anyone looking to meet their calorific and protein needs through a tasty and nutritious snack. Suitable for vegetarians. The boys thought this had the best texture and taste. • £16.95 per box

4. Maximuscle Viper Extreme

Considered the most powerful stimulant and buzz bar available on the market. Made from fruits, grains, 5mg of guarana, 139mg caffeine and 1035mg
of L-Tyrosine, a potent excitatory brain amino acid.
• £23.48 per box of 12

5. SIS GO-Bars

GO Bars contain less than 2g of fat per 65g bar and are the healthier choice of energy-giver. Contains two of your daily fruit portions! More of a sustained release of energy than a burst of it.
• £1.20 each