Portrush. Around Portrush there’s a dedicated group of bodyboarders who rip the fast, powerful,’French style’ beach breaks at… Port Stewart, Portrush, Portballintrae, White Rocks, and Benone.

The only reef is at Black Rocks. The north and west coasts work on different swells; The north coast works on northerly swells, or big wrap-around westerly swells and gets, “…more than Thurso” according to Andy Hill at Troggs Surf Shop in Portrush, where the wind is prevailing off-shore but the water temp. is around two degrees colder than on the west coast. The west coast can be divided up into the NW and SW; the NW coast around Easky and Bundoran works on N or W swells; the SW coast around…

Dingle works on swells which are similar to Cornwall i.e.W and SW swells.

It is said that Ireland has some of the most consistent surf in Europe. If there is a deep low centred on Iceland, the west and north coasts will pump. With reefs, points and beaches the place has got it all making for endless potential…

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wave height and direction chart