Fistral, a NW facing break does have its moments. Offshore on S-E, OK on a SW. Lefthander at South Fistral cranks on a low tide, while North Fistral picks up more swell and can give perfect peaks, especially at low tide, although crowded. At low tide Little Fistral, at the very north corner of the beach, is excellent. It’s sheltered from NE winds, and picks up most swell. There’s a handy rip by the rocks on the right. Beware of the Cribbar, Newquay’s big wave that breaks off the headland.

Towan is good for beginners as its pretty mellow (although it can get suckey at low tide). Occasional fun high tide wedge on big swells. Great Western picks up more swell and like Towan is predominantly a closeout. Tolcarne Beach is home to the wedge, one of the best bodyboarding waves in the country, if you can get a ride at this crowded break. Works at high tide (6m+) on a clean medium sized swell.


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