Lahinch is a great little town with a thriving and friendly surf community, three surf shops, and some fine pubs.

The following breaks are all within walking distance of the town, face west and require a biggish swell to break — other spots in the area can be six- to eight-feet when Lahinch is two- to three-feet. Lahinch Beach is popular with beginners and intermediates and can be good if the sandbars are lined up. A-frames and a rip on the lefthand side to take you out. Lahinch Left is a long, long tubey left and offshore in a south-easterly. Shallow at low tide and usually crowded. Not for beginners. Cregg Left is another left reefbreak, generally best from low- to mid-tide. Cornish Reef can hold waves to 10 feet. Best at low tide. Lots of shallow and hollow sections to keep things interesting! Further left still is Shit Creek, for experts only, best from mid- to high tide.

It is said that Ireland has some of the most consistent surf in Europe. If there is a deep low centred on Iceland, the west and north coasts will pump. With reefs, points and beaches the place has got it all making for endless potential…


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