Softech Softboards

Eric Geiselman Flash
The Flash will motivate you to surf on any given day due to the uncanny feel and performance similarities between a soft and hard skin board. This is performance with a serious injection of fun.
Sizes 5’0: 32L | 5’7: 36L | 6’0: 39L | 6’6: 44L | 7’0: 50L
RRP: from £319.95

Filipe Toledo Wildfire
More refined than most of its counterparts in the range, with the scales tipping firmly towards performance. “It’s nice to reconnect with the ocean in a super relaxed and fun way. I’m pumped to get my model dialled and see where we can take it” – Filipe Toledo Sizes 5’3: 32L | 5’11: 37L, includes FCSII plugs and fins. RRP: from £369.95

Mason Twin
The Mason Ho Signature Twin will open your imagination, and inject you with a dose of stoke on every wave. When it comes to the board’s performance, think fast, loose and free spirited. Sizes 5’2: 31L | 5’6: 35L | 5’10: 38L, includes FCSII plugs and fins.
RRP: from £344.95

The Middie
The ultimate all-rounder whether it be clean and pumping or desperate times. Sleek high performance design with vacuum glassed epoxy core construction. Our best softboard for small/mushy conditions, or for progressing beginners. Sizes 5’10: 28.5L | 6’4: 37.5L | 6’10: 45.5L, includes FCSII plugs and fins.
RRP: from £399.95

The Roller
The large surface area and the abundance of foam creates a very stable platform for surfers of all ages to confidently ride waves and learn the basic skills of surfing. The most durable learner board in its class with Softech’s unique easy carry handle. Sizes 6’0: 54L | 6’6: 61L | 7’0: 66L | 7’6: 71L | 8’0: 94L | 8’4: 103L  | 9’0: 112L
RRP: from £309.95

The Zeppelin
A surf school favourite! One of the most buoyant and stable boards on the market making it perfect for learners and heavier surfers alike. Extra wide with loads of volume and with Softech’s unique easy carry handle. Sizes 7’0: 90L | 7’6: 102L | 8’0: 115L | 9’0: 135L
RRP: from £504.95


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