Shapers Fin Guide 2015

Shapers Fins


The Asher Pacey Signature Model, designed for light to medium surfers who enjoy speed, flow and release. It has less sweep through the fins tips, reducing drag and enhancing fin release through off the top manoeuvres. A great option for surfers desiring speed, responsiveness and release at beach breaks. The AP Series has Shapers Carbon Flare Technology that loads up energy through a carbon base and releases it with acceleration out of turns.

10.25 Rudder

The Rudder is one of the best nose riding fins designed so you can spend as much time on the nose as you like. The upright outline allows for tight pivot turns and the full template slows the board down and keeps the tail in the water while you are on the nose. Suits squaretail logs offering a traditional feel. Part of ShapersFins Logger Series, designed to offer a traditional log ride and feel adapted to todays fins and board designs.


Designed by Classic Waterman Dick Van Straalen. This ultra-modernised Fish Keel is uniquely refined for Quad boards and is the only of its kind on the market. Purpose built for drive, speed and direction with a cut-away at the base to deliver a free-flowing ride. Great choice for retros, rockets, fishes and Mini Simmons.



A collaboration between surfboard shaper Al Merrick (Channel Island Surfboards) and Shapers Fins, the AM1 is designed for fast, high performance surfing through a unique blend of speed, drive and release. The raked template and wide fin base effectively delivers drive and control, whilst the refined tip and smaller centre fin reduce drag and allow for quick fin release when desired.