Serra Retro Board Guide 2015

After years of writing about surfboards SurfGirl realised the male dominated surf industry doesn’t really take the women’s surf market seriously. The men just don’t get what women want (no change there then!) so instead of trying to change old school minds the team have come up with a collab with Ben Skinner and his team at Skindog Surfboards to give women the rides of their lives. The result is Serra Surfboards: a highly tuned range of boards with subtle tweaks that will help more girls have more fun!

Sea Spiri

Specifications: 9’1″ x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ • Fins: Single Fin

Traditional single fin longboard for girls who want to cruise. Amazing fun all round whether you want to cruise, hang ten or make the most of summer slop. We tweaked the heavy male orientated traditional log dimensions so lighter women can have more fun. Also you can get your arm around it so no more sore heads carrying it to the beach or struggling in the wind. The Sea Spirit encompasses the feminine sprit of surfing.

Surf Siren

Specifications:7’10” x 21″ x 2 3/4″ • Fins: FCS x2 + BOX

A fantastic mid-length 2+1 ideal as a your first board, a stylish alternative to a mini-mal, a step down off your foamie, or cruiser. This board will help glide across waves with style grace, and speed. Manoeuvrable but user friendly. We see a lot of women struggling to find their first board, or a board they can have fun on, improve while looking cool and stylish. This is it.

Ocean Gypsy

Specifications: 6’10” x 21″ x 2 3/4″ • Fins: FCS x2 + BOX

A traditional retro-inspired mid-length egg, The Ocean Gypsy sails smoothly across most the surf we come across throughout the year. From slop to powerful swells the Gypsy weaves her magic with with lots of volume and relaxed forward rocker for easy paddling and wave catching, forgiving rails, speed and manoeuvrability. A perfect all rounder with 2+1 fins boxes for versatility.