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PYZEL Phantom
The Phantom is the middle child in the Ghost Family; a step-down version of John John Florence’s current favourite model designed to be your go-to board for everyday conditions. Best in waist-high to overhead waves of all types, the Phantom is your daily driver with a high performance edge. Ride it around your height, a touch wider and about the same thickness as your Ghost.
RRP: 6’0” x 20” x 2 9/16” 32.60L – £605

Available at leading stockists.

PYZEL Gremlin
If you love the feel of your Ghost and Phantom, but want a shorter, chunkier board for smaller surf, the Gremlin is gonna make you very happy! Based on Ghost DNA, it’s the step-down cousin to the Phantom, with lots of extra volume packed into a shorter, wider, fatter rockered package, designed for quick acceleration, easily sustained speed and great paddle power.
RRP: 5’8” x 20” x 2½” 31.60L – £605

Available at leading stockists.

PYZEL Pyzalien2
An amazing option for the One Board Quiver. The Pyzalien 2 is a fresh take on an older favourite! For years the original Pyzalien has been an all-time favourite model, so we decided to take a fresh approach to it and release the new and improved Pyzalien 2 for 2020.
RRP: 6’0” x 19½” x 2½” 31.50L – £605

Available at leading stockists.


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