3mm Psycho Hood
The Psycho Hood features anatomical fit and TechnoButter Firewall that create a comfortable heat retaining seal around your head – for when you want to enjoy a dawn session without having to worry about getting chilly. A trimmable visor keeps the water out of your eyes, so you don’t risk missing the wave of the day due to wind spray.
RRP: £38.95

5mm Psycho Tech Lobster Gloves
O’Neill’s top of the line hand and wrist protection for extreme winter conditions. With an anatomical fit that forms an insulating layer between your skin and TechnoButter neoprene with hydrophobic properties. Water stays out and heat stays in ensuring you can surf harder for longer.
RRP: £64.95

5mm Psycho Tech Split Toe Boot
The Psycho Tech 5mm boot boasts a number of premium O’Neill innovations. This includes TechnoButter neoprene on both the interior and exterior plus taped outer seams supported by a fluid weld that offers low profile comfort.
RRP: £99.95


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