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Psycho Tech 5mm ST Boot
A super stretchy boot that’s both durable and warm. Comes with a split-toe plus an anatomical fit that contours to your foot. The TechnoButter 3 exterior and internal firewall will also keep your toes toasty warm, while premium quality seams prevent pooling in the boot that could potentially affect your performance. The Psycho Tech 5mm ST Boot is an easy on-off accessory for freezing conditions.
RRP: 5mm £69.95


Psycho Tech Gloves
The Psycho Tech Gloves boast top of the line weather-resistant properties and an anatomical fit. Then there’s the smoothskin exterior and advanced TechnoButter inner layers, which not only eliminate wind chill but also keep your extremities toasty. Available now with an o’ring seal around the wrists that prevents water flushing plus a tacky palm that helps you better grip your board.
RRP: 1.5mm: £44.95, 3mm: £44.95, 5mm: £49.95


Psycho Hood
Surf for longer in extreme conditions in the Psycho Hood. Windproof smoothskin has the ability to stop cold breezes from penetrating while the TechnoButter Firewall creates a heat retaining layer. An anatomical design that contours to the shape of your head plus a visor that blocks out glare and channels water away from the eyes. Easy to wear and easy to adjust thanks to the jawline cinch.
RRP: 1.5mm £27.95, 3mm £29.95


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