Ocean Dreams Surf Charters, Sumatra and the Mentawais

Ocean Dreams Surf Charters
Location: Sumatra and the Mentawais

If you have never done a boat trip, you should, it’s the measure of a true surfer, a rite of passage. You don’t want to travel half way around the world to only surf four waves? The charter boat gives you the freedom to surf when and where you want. Don’t waste your valuable vacation waiting on others to get ready at 6 am. What if 6 am isn’t the best conditions? Tide, and winds, are a big part of scoring epic surf. We scout the best conditions in the islands, and then put you on those waves. We anchor and stay all day and eat, sleep, surf, world class waves.
Ocean Dreams is a group of California Surfers chasing dreams. We will take you on one of the coolest surf journeys. We are owner operators, we built the boat, we surf the islands all season, and we know the waves. It will be the trip of a lifetime, come explore with us.

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