Nineplus Nohana Longboards

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Magic Carpet

Specifications: 6’8" RRP: £699
The original created in 2000 by Kevin ‘Magic Feet’ Connelly the Magic Carpet has been one of the most successful shapes of the last 10 years. Copied by almost every other shaper and labelled something similar it cannot be copied completely as Nineplus own the trademark. If it’s not Nineplus, it’s not an original. Basically a longboard without the centre – it has all the benefits but is better to travel with, easier to turn, can get in the car, have you surfing more often, you can lend it to the wife, etc, etc.



Specifications: 9’4" – 9’8" RRP: £999
Modelled of the original David Nuuhiwa template. This classic longboard is the shape that many traditional noseriders have been shaped from. Its tennis ball feel on the rails and 1/4" nose concave make this probably the best longboard template ever created. The flat rocker helps with speed but soft rails help it turn. Called the ‘Ospray’ as it glides like one and also never has a ‘spray’ job. Always volane or resin tint.


Trim King 2

Specifications: 9’0" – 9’6" RRP: £649
Nohana has been created by Nineplus to offer the same shapes as its California production but at a lower price point by working with China. The ‘Nohana’ Trim King 2 is the all round longboard shape favoured by many surfers but at a price that is manageable. Made in one of the leading factories, materials are bought from Australia but the board is produced in the Far East. No hidden production just honest communication, so you know what you are buying.