Central America is fertile ground for surf trips.

You’ll know of the joys of Mexico and Costa Rica. One of the more low key and quiet countries that savvy surf travellers have been enjoying on the down low for years is Nicaragua.

It has the benefit of a wonderful climate, heaps of waves and it’s not as pricey as some of the other Centro options. Hit pretty much any spot on the west coast and you’ll be ball park near some decent surf. Head for one of the established camps and hotels featured here and you’ll be waking up in front of perfection.

The weather is warm and dry, not the sweaty tropical heat, which is a bit easier to bear for us Brits. Constant morning offshores are another bonus as is checking the wind by looking at your nearest friendly steaming volcano. Fresh produce and good food are easy to find and the vibe is chill. It’s still not developed and Americanised like CR and the prices are that much lower because of it.

Apart from surfing there are heaps of adventure options to occupy your time and the country and people are beautiful. It’s a year round destination so check out the options and get planning an amazing trip.

PS: If you were thinking about taking your drone to shoot some rad volcano selfies forget it. Drones are banned and will be confiscated at the airport and stored until you leave.