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Mystic Supreme 5mm Split Toe Boot
Our warmest design boot to date. Featuring a fine combination of our best neoprene, GBS, and waterproof stretch taping to prevent any water from seeping in. With our knit flex lining on the heels providing stretch with a premium look and wind skin neoprene on top to reduce wind chill, the Supreme boot makes getting in and out of booties a breeze. The Hex-grip lite sole makes sure you’re still in touch with your board without losing grip.
RRP: £69.95


Mystic Supreme 5mm Lobster Glove
Losing sensation in your fingers sucks. To make sure your fingers won’t ever turn blue again, we’ve created the hottest Lobster glove! With our 5mm best neoprene on the outside and toasty thermal lining with critical taping on the inside, your hands will never feel the cold. They are also cuffed near the wrist to prevent flushing and GBS liquid seams to block out every drop of water.
RRP: £52.95


Mystic Supreme 3mm Hood
The Supreme Hood is the perfect accessory for those coldest days on the water! Complete with thermal quick dry lining and our best neoprene going, providing both warmth and stretch. All seams are GBS with waterproof stretch taping keeping your head completely dry and warm even on your 100th duck dive of your session. The elastic adjuster tightens things up around the face while the small brim channels away water. A must buy for the winter!
RRP: £54.95


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