Warm and comfy, with super thin soles in order to keep a direct and precise contact. Micro-spikes on the sole provide a perfect grip on wax or on a pad. Stiffer neoprene around the front of the foot in order to hold the boot structure. Their Magma+ fleece acts both as an insulator and heat generator with fast-drying time (reduced by 30%). Foot support is essential to get a comfortable and performing neoprene boot. Manera boots feature sidewalls on each side of the foot to maintain it.
RRP: £80

E-Bomb Pro Zip Free

MAGMA gloves are preformed for a better grip in the hand and to avoid forearms fatigue. Outside waterproof and windproof glide-skin to fight wind-chill effect, inside is lined with our MAGMA fleece for an unbeatable warmth and fast drying. “Donut” reinforced cuff to avoid water flushing.
RRP: £55


The MAGMA hood features a double flap that creates a double barrier against water flushing and it makes sure the hood stays in place. Reflex-skin jersey lining for increased mobility: Neck, face, chin. Head and ears are built in Glide-skin neoprene which is waterproof & windproof to fight the wind-chill effect. The inside is lined with our MAGMA fleece for an unbeatable warmth and fast-drying.
RRP: £60


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