The Mandiri Beach Club, Krui, South Sumatra

The Mandiri Beach Club
Location: Krui, South Sumatra

The Mandiri Beach Club offers all inclusive, 10 day surf trips. With waves all year long, the Southern Sumatra’s west cost provides 15 main surf spots, offering beach breaks, peaks, slabs and points.
Early Season
The early season runs from Feb – May. With consistently clean, small – medium swell, it’s without a doubt the best time of the year for the beach break. The winds stay light and variable, offering plenty of variety to surf all of the exposed breaks in the area.
Main Season
The Main season runs from June – October. This is the most consistent time of the year for swell, offering the most verity of waves to surf.
Late Season
The late season runs from November – January. Much like the early season, we get spoilt rotten on the beach. The smaller swells groom the sand banks to perfection! It’ll turn a 2 – 3 foot swell into punchy, head high barrels.

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