Macaronis Resort

Location: Mentawai Islands

Located in the Southern Mentawai Islands, Macaronis Resort provides year-round access to one of the most sought after waves in the world, Macaronis, plus a host of other world class surf breaks. This region also hosts multiple intermediate waves and a sand bottom beach break suitable for beginners.

While the peak surfing season from April-October is the focus of intense interest from surf travellers around the world, there are opportunities available to score some of the least crowded conditions in all of Indonesia in the southern hemisphere in summer.  The vast majority of surf charters and resorts are not operating. Perfect for surfers of all levels, highly enjoyable for the skilled surfer, but particularly attractive to the intermediate level surfer wishing to further develop their surfing skills. Macaronis Resort offers a 30% discount on surfer rates for the first 10 surfers to book on each trip from December-February.

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