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Dimensions: 5’10 x 20.00 x 2.50 (BRO dims)
Volume: 32ltr
Fins: FCS2
Shaper: Matt Biolos

The Psycho Killer is a psychotic spin off from the ever popular Quiver Killer. Featuring all the design aspects that made the Quiver Killer one of the most popular surfboards in the world for the last few years, it’s easy to catch waves and create speed. It loves tubes, and at faces, and is fully capable of performing full rail carves and nimble manoeuvres. This sort of wide ranging function is what makes the “Killer” Series a favourite for surfers from our top team to everyday guys. This Psycho Killer is in Carbon Wrap technology with a super lively flex pattern that loads and releases…resulting in next level speed and drive. RRP: £720


Dimensions: 5’8 x 20.5” x 2.5”
Volume: 32ltr
Fins: FCS2
Shaper: Matt Biolos

The Puddle Jumper HP can take the domesticated gentleman into a realm thought long gone. Speed, with quickness, fast but loose, precise but playful. If you are one of the thousands of surfers who have enjoyed one of the Puddle Jumper series, the PJHP allows you to take your small wave surfing to the next level. RRP: £625


Dimensions: 6’6 x 20.50 x 2.65
Volume: 39ltr
Shaper: Matt Biolos

The Crowd Killer is the ultimate wave catching hyper fun board. Based on the very popular Lost Quiver Killer rocker and outline, the idea was to extend it lengthwise and open up the design to a wider audience. Featuring a slightly wider, wave catching nose, with a “no pearl” flip tip, which allows the added length to still fit into the curve. A little double bump swallow feels lively and playful in small surf, yet holds long lines in larger waves. New “Hidden Volume” two stage deck line focuses the foam toward the stringer and a rapid taper towards the rails creates a flat, stable deck, without feeling full or bulbous and allows sensitive yet forgiving rails. RRP: £655


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