Komunity Fins Guide 2015

Komunity Fins

Nikki Van Dyke

After releasing last years top selling tail pad, Nikki has released a fin with the same artwork. A Honeycomb thruster fin available in Futures and FCS tabs.

RRP: £70

KP 2.0

Based on Kelly Slater’s world title winning template, the honeycomb cored 2.0 is now available in four colours, Futures or FCS tabs and Thruster or quad.

RRP: £60 (Thruster)
£80 (Quad)

Simon Anderson

After inventing the thruster in 1980, Simon Anderson won Bells a year later in flawless 12ft surf on his revolutionary concept. He now has an extensive range of fins with Komunity Project in four sizes, available in Futures and FCS tab system and quad and thruster.

RRP: £70 (Thruster)
£90 (Quad)