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Dimensions: 5’7’’ x 18.25’’ x 2.12’’ Round tail
Fins: Tri-fin
Shaper: John Purton

High Performance EPS short board which he uses when the conditions are right. I have been working with Pat for a number of years and have refined his shape to give him the best for his dynamic surfing style.
Construction – EPS
RRP: From £610
Fins not included.


Dimensions: 6’ 2’’ x 20.37’’ x 2.5’’ Round tail with channels
Fins: Twin
Shaper: John Purton

Subtle contours, tail shape, refined rails plus channels for the extra bite and projection make this a very versatile board. Speed with control and freedom makes it a very desirable to be your go to board This one is headed to the Maldives this month. Construction – PU
RRP: From £575
Fins not included.


Dimensions: 5’9’’ x 19.37’’ x 2.30’’
Fins: Tri-fin
Shaper: John Purton

Something different is always appealing so be brave and order one they are unique like yourself. Toe side is the longer rail – regular foot- note the
fin setup!  Construction – PU
RRP: From ££595
Fins not included.


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