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Onyx Select Semidry Hood 6/5/4 FZ DL

The Onyx Select 6/5/4 is all about ultimate warmth, high quality materials combined with epic stretch characteristics. Super warm and stretchy thermo-inside-lining Plasma Plush 2.0 makes sure you stay warm and still flexible with a 6mm layer of rubber. A new neoprene foam combined with an less water absorbing outside lining the wetsuit is extremely lightweight even when it´s wet. Also available in 3/2, 4/3 and 5/4. RRP: £469.95


Onyx Amp Semidry

5/4 FZ DL The secret for optimal heat retention and epic flexibility lies in ION’s proven Hot Stuff 2.0 inside lining in combination with toasty warm Plasma Plush 2.0 from the SELECT line on the back panel. The result: Your perfect everyday wetsuit, no matter how thick you go, stay flexible! Also available in different thicknesses and colorways.
RRP: £349.95


Onyx Core Semidry 5/4 FZ DL

Onyx Core wetsuits are more than just basic all-rounders. The single-lined back panel allows freedom of movement where needed, whilst Hot Stuff 2.0 provides warmth, good stretch and quick drying. Highly nylon in the leg and torso area make the Onyx Core very robust and durable. Also available in different thicknesses and colorways.
RRP: £239.95


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