Surf Tec

This season ION boardbags come in a new and fresh look, and the Surf Tec boardbag comes in three sizes (6’0″, 6’5″ and 6’10″) and is made out of strong PU coated 600D Nylon. It protects with 8mm padding and Profile-Tec on the bottom, 10mm padding on the top side and puts your mind at ease with the new rail-guard feature. Covering the full rail of the board, the thick piping protects the rails from clumsy baggage handlers, over zealous taxi drivers and all other kind of impact. Other features: Bag-Breeze 2.0, adjustable fin area, integrated fin pockets, removable shoulder strap, and is 35 percent lighter than last year’s model.

Surf Tec Double

Want to take more than one board on your trip? The ION Surf Tec Double Boardbag is just for you. Comes in 6’3″, with internal compression straps and the 8-10mm padding and Profile-Tec on the bottom work as a kind of damping system for the boards. The Bag-Breeze 2.0 does exactly what it says on the tin. Two new TPU patches at the front and back of the bag are combined with mesh inserts that are completely EVA padded. Perfect to protect your board and say goodbye to a hot damp interior and hello to a breezy bag. Other features: removable shoulder strap, 35 percent lighter.

Surf Core

Enter the world of ION with the Surf Core Boardbag presenting you an all-rounder guaranteed to deliver a lot of bang for your buck. Comes in six sizes (5’6″ through to 8’0″) and made out of Nylon 600D, the 5mm foam padding and the Silver PE on the outside bottom keeps the inside cool and with the protective webbing around the edges this bag has all the features to protect your precious board.