surfing in indonesia

From the beautiful “island of the gods”, Bali to remote islands outposts the Indonesian experiance is amazing. To put it simply Indo has the worlds most perfect waves. Go east from Uluwatu to Lakey Peak and on to prehistoric villages in Sumba and Rotti. Or head north through G-Land up to, Panaitian, Sumartra, The Mentawaiis, and Nias. It would seem where ever you go there are perfect reefs to find and adventuers to be had.

Despite the fall out from the recent Bali bomb, most of Indonesians are welcoming and would love to see tourists return. There are some areas that are always volatile due to local conflicts, but check out travel, advisorries and you should stay safe. Guide books for this area provide essentail information on surf spots, travel and language. Surfing Indonesia and the Lonely Planet guides are very good and well worth the investment even if you’re just heading for Bali.


If you fancy something a little more exotic then how about this group of islands just north of Nias in Indonesia?! It used to be a real hike to get to but, due to the increase in cheap flights around the Indonesian islands, is just opening up to those of a less feral disposition. Made up of 99 islands, Indo gets its surf from the southern ocean, but also from cyclones in the Indian Ocean, thus extending its season. There is also the added bonus of fewer crowds than the more famous Mentawai Islands in the south…