HiTide Hostel


Surfing in Spain = Las Palmas. At HiTide House you can experience the best waves in Gran Canaria and 24 -26 degree weather all year round, as well as everything a city would offer too. Think music concerts on Las Canteras beach and eating tapas watching the sunset. HiTide is your base for this and all things adventure. The best staff can help you practice surfing (SurfGuide), body-boarding, paddle surf, diving, paragliding, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and more. Plus, the house boasts a sah-weeeet rooftop terrace where you can chill and listen to the lapping waves day and night. We could get used to this Canaria lifestyle…

There are over 30 surfable peaks across the city of Las Palmas with all kinds of waves. The northern part of the island also has lots of waves that is where we go with our SurfTrips

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Paseo de Las Canteras 57
35-010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria