Herve Mojo
The goal in designing the Mojo was to create a performance board you can have a good time on in almost any conditions. A slightly more parallel outline and forgiving rocker, with a subtle single concave and lower rocker, results in a board with a huge sweet spot. The Mojo is an all round, reliable design that lets you get creative in a wide range of conditions and wave types. RRP: From £525

Herve Orbit
A high performance groveller designed to flow and perform in all kinds of conditions. The Orbit is a fusion of balanced elements taken from both the Orb and the Gambit, The unique concept of the sidecut in the outline in front of the leading fins, and the double wing tail of the Gambit for release and pivot. The rocker is leaning more towards the Gambit, being a more aggressive, tighter-pivoting board, which you can rip on in below average as well as more favourable conditions.
RRP: From £525

Herve Siamese Dream
A modernised, retro fish outline with a progressive rocker, and modern bottom contours. What makes this board so unique is the deep concaves and accelerated tail rocker, allowing for surprisingly tighter arcs, snaps in the pocket and off the lip. A subtle beak nose and flat deck to pack in a generous amount of volume for the enjoyment of hair-raising speed runs, combined with sloped-down performance rails, translates to smooth lines and drawn-out turns on the wave face. Also available as a twinzer or a quad setup. By adding another fin over on your rail, you increase the leverage placed on your fins when going into a turn, creating more drive and more speed. Excels in a variety of surf, ranging from knee-high to a few feet overhead.
RRP: From £525


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