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Chest Zip Our Gul FLEXOR range continues to evolve with our latest 2020 features. Lined with heat-locking MAGMA THERMAL and a combination of Gul’s specially designed X FLEX and FX LITE neoprene makes the Flexor a lightweight and tough. Designed with either a QUADRATE bib front entry system with BLACKOUT zip, or with a UBS back zip technology. Inner NEOTAPE seams that all combine to deliver advanced levels of performance, warmth and stretch. The Flexor is great suit for surfers looking for a warm and comfortable suit.
RRP: 3/2, £190

The new Gul VIPER is designed to provide ultimate warmth and performance. Pre-stretched neoprene gives maximum stretch across your arms and chest, making it super easy to paddle in. A silky-smooth FX LITE neoprene is tailored across the lower half, keeping your legs flexible and warm. Completely inner taped with our innovative Gul LAVA FLOW tape, ensures a tough waterproof seam, which works perfectly with our durable BOLTDRY X thermal lining. Flexible, durable and warm, the perfect wetsuit for every session.
RRP: 3/2, £225

The Gul Response FX takes the technical design, and neoprene development further in becoming an advanced 3:2 chest zip (Also available in back zip). The RESPONSE FX features Gul’s X FLEX and FX LITE neoprene making for a super stretchy and flexible wetsuit. G-TAPE internal tape ensures a durable and tough suit. The RESPONSE FX is great wetsuit for all surfers, for its comfortable fit, super stretchy feel, and thermal protection.
RRP: 3/2, £170


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