grom world – Connor Stratton-Darling


Meet the ever smiley Connor Stratton-Darling. A man who’s tan lines know no boundaries. A man who kills Anchor Point at it’s best. A man who.. used to bodyboard? Yes it is true. But the past is the past, and he is now shredding the stand up as though he has done it all his life. Connor progressed stupidly fast and is starting to flow through his lines with a competence that has got Kelly shaking in his Jedi boots. Welcome Mr Darling.

Why did you start surfing?

“I started surfing because all my friends did it and I thought it looked rad! It only takes one wave to get you hooked. I’ve only been surfing for about two years and I am still frothing more than anyone else.”

What was the most adventurous surf of your life?

“The most adventurous surf of my life would have to be last summer down at Sennen, it was perfect, and must of surfed every spot from Chippy left to Air-point all in one session . I saw some friends, got some rad waves, saw some dolphins, had an argument, and hit a rock, all good fun though.”

Any shout outs?

Ye thanks for Sennen Surfing Centre, O’neill wetsuits and 9Bar for support and help over the past few months!

Awesome. Keep frothing.