Location // Peniche

We are Billabong Go4Surf School. We are surfers, travellers and dreamers and we live by one rule – ride on. It’s our mantra, our battle cry, our roll call. We’re always looking to take on a new challenge, a bigger wave, a crazier trick. To us, it’s all about persistence. Whether it’s getting up on your first wave or mastering your technique, we’ve been helping people achieve their surfing goals and we want to help you ride on.

Our mission is to teach you everything about surfing – from technique, to surfing culture. For us, surfing is a lifestyle. It’s about freedom, friendship and above all – fun. We’re here to make your experience in the water as amazing as possible. So we’ve just got one question: Are you ready to ride on? 

www.go4surf.pt / [email protected] / +351 964104927 or + 351 912801407
Travessa da Exportadora 2520-497 Peniche