Firewire longboards


Firewire Surfboards

Addvance LFT (Bamboo)

Specifications: 6’10" x 22 5/8" x 3 1/16 (VOLUME 56.9) Fins: 5/4/3 Shaper: Nev Hyman tail: Swallow
Developed in collaboration between Taj Burrow’s father Vance and Nev, the ADDvance offers extreme flotation in LFT (Bamboo) technology. Combining the buoyancy of a longboard with a contemporary outline, the ADDvance Series opens up new possibilities for fun and performance. ADDvance your surfing! We’ve also added a 5/4/3 fin configuration for the coming year.

Firewire Surfboards

Submoon (Timberdek)

Specifications: 7’6" x 22 1/2" x 2 15/16 (VOLUME 50.7) Fins: Thruster/Quad Shaper: Nev Hyman tail: Numoon
The SUBMOON is the ultimate FUNshape. Designer Nev Hyman explains: "We combined a contemporary rocker and concaves and even thickness distribution with a quirky FUNshape outline that encourages a more vertical shortboard approach to the traditional longboard style of surfing. The outline has generous curve between your feet, which encourages the board to get on rail and turn! The narrower moon tail provides bite, drive and direction, and the snub nose carries area forward for a bit of tip hang-cheater five fun."

Skindog Surfboards

TJ Pro (Timbertek)

Specifications: 9’0" x 22 1/8" x 2 5/8" (VOLUME 59.7) Fins: 2 + 1 Shaper: Dan Mann tail: Squash
Taylor Jensen is one of the top high performance long boarders having won the ASP World Longboard Tour twice. Taylor and Dan Mann developed the TJPro with slightly more aggressive bottom contours and a touch more kick in the tail than the stock Flexflight 900R. The TJPro will go vertical while still maximizing the fun of cruising on a longer board. The TJ EVERYDAY is longer than the TJP at 904, with a slightly thicker foil, lower entry rocker and flatter bottom concaves, allowing for a balance between performance and nose riding.