Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands, is situated some 90 kilometres off the coast of Morocco. Although Corralejo – the main tourist town – is pretty tacky, the island has a friendly and casual atmosphere, with Spanish and north African cultural influences.


The waves As with the other Canary Islands, Fuerte has a range of waves to suit all abilities, from learners’ spots like Glass Beach to the nutters-only tubes of Spew Pits near Cotillo.

Hot spots The Northern Track, which runs along the coast westwards from Corralejo, passes several spots that can get world class. Shooting Gallery offers hollow left tubes, while Mechihonas is an experts-only peak which breaks in deep water and is ridable to 12-foot-plus. Further along, past the village of Majanicho is Fuerte’s most famous wave, The Bubble – a heavy, hollow right-hand tube which breaks over a shallow lava slab. There are yet more classic spots on the neighbouring islands.

Accommodation Go for a package deal and stay at one of the numerous resort apartments at Corralejo. There are also a couple of hostels in the town.

Food and drink There are several good restaurants in Corralejo and the seafood is excellent, especially the tuna steaks. Fresh fruit and veggies have to be imported so tend to be expensive at the supermarkets. Dorada and Tropical are the two locally brewed beers, and there’s also a range of horrible local spirits and wines to try if you want a really bad hangover. Jaegermiester, an alcoholic brew of herbal origins, is cheap and deadly. Nightlife Among the many bars in Corralejo, the Oink Bar the most popular with travelling surfers; it’s run by a Welsh surfer called Jay, who always does his best to make sure you miss the dawn sesh. If you fancy a bit of all-night dancing, head for the Waikiki Club.

Don’t miss If it’s flat, try a bit or snorkelling; or hire a Jeep Wrangler and pretend to be Colin McCrae for the day.

Hazards Razor sharp lava reefs, urchins, and car crashes on Northern Track. Over the past couple of years the incidence of theft from cars has increased on the Cotillo side of the island, so be wary.

How to get there Flight-only prices start at around £99 (Airtours and other operators), but even cheaper deals may be available on last minute standbys. A typical two-week self-catering package will cost you around £239.