Surfing in france

No surfer can dispute the reputation of the 10 k’s of beachbreaks that can shame all but the best surf spots in the world. Graviere, La Nord, Estangnots and Les Bourdaines are names that roll off the tongue and stir the blood of surfers in a manner akin to those of Munroe, Mansfield, and Bardot.

The deep water trench located off the Landes coast sucks every bit of life from the Atlantic Ocean and focus it on the hard shallow sands. Finding the waves is easy, just pick your favourite spot and check it. If it’s no good, just choose a direction, north or south, and walk. If the weather and swell patterns are in place, you won’t be dispatched home disappointed. If you do fail in your mission to find waves, head for the street side coffee bars and then venture forth to the legendary nighterys like the Rock Food or Casino. Just don’t plan much surfing the next day!

Best season: March – November. Fly to Biarritz from Stanstead with Ryan Air (from £39). Prime season is August to October. Shark factor: 10 — heaps of sharks trying to take your dosh in the clubs, bars and accommodation bureaus, but none in the sea. The waves are almost as beautiful as the women and the bottom is usually cradled by a G -string. If it goes flat try your French out on the waitress. The currency is Euros. If you see a bus setting off on a free wine-tasting tour run like hell otherwise you’ll miss it. Don’t forget to pack a little bit of je ne sais quoi.


The Secret Spot

The secret spot lodge is 15 mins from Hossegor , 6 mins from the beach of Messanges ,with all the world class waves you want on your door step .We are open all year round and offer 5 B&B rooms, with pool, massive sundeck, and bbqs for all .