etnies You-Tuberider comp in association with Carve – Second Place

The rules are simple— ride the sickest barrel of the winter and you get £1,000 notes. Yup, the Etnies You-Tuberider comp in association with this very fine surfing magazine is in it’s second year now, a year which we would say was another landmark for the surfers and surfing within Britain and Ireland.

As you will have witnessed in this very publication the standard of surfing has hit new highs as the boys and girls take it on at Aileens, Rileys, Tens, Evies, Leven and up north in glorious Donegal.

Two things we must point out before we hand over to our esteemed judge. For some reason we did not receive any entries from the huge Mullaghmore session despite a lot of requests, so unfortunately on the tow side we were left without footage of Gabe Davies mega pit and all the lads going large which was a shame…and left someone a grand out of pocket. On the bright side all three winners were paddled into as opposed to the old motorised whip in. Which is pretty nuts when you watch the videos. Click here for a recap of all the entries… all the lads scored and the judging was a hard job!

So without further ado we hand you over to one of the craziest barrel riders on the planet and our head judge— Mr Jamie O’Brien.

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